A Poem by Ross Robbins

kumquat – the fruit itself

There are, of course, layers upon layers.

There is the fruit itself, the experience

thereof. The two magnify each other

in turn until a bright hot spot begins

to smoke. The anthill is sent into a panic,

a leg flurry. I never ate a kumquat—

cannot say if you peel it or swallow it

whole like a carnival goldfish

slurped on a dare. Later you’d risk

your first kiss by the Zipper.

Just then the fireworks lit up the river.

You looked out there where hairy men

scurried the barge. “Kaboom,” you whispered,

                 imagining Death.

Ross - Cover - FinalRoss Robbins‘ chapbook The Book of Definitions is now available from Atomic Theory Micro Press. Order your limited-edition, hand-sewn copy now!

Ross is a poet and painter based in Portland, Oregon. His previous publications include I Want to Say How I Feel and be Done With It Forever (Bone Tax Press, 2013), All In Black Blood My Love Went Riding (Two

Plum Press, 2014), and in late 2017, Two Plum Press will release The Three E.P.s, a collection comprised of three sections excerpted from three different full-length manuscripts. His poems have appeared in many lovely journals including Assaracus, Hobart, The Nervous Breakdown, The Fanzine, and Forklift, Ohio.

Ross was the founder of Bone Tax Press and the Bone Tax Reading Series. A lifelong devourer of poetry, his influences are obvious and many. If you would like to read more of his work, find him online at rossrobbinspoetry.tumblr.com or inknode.com/RossRobbins.


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