Two Poems by Jesse Bradley

The Ribcage Answers The Call That’s Coming From Inside The House

You admire the luddism of your latest lover
when his (landline) phone rings. You ignore
the urge to be polite, answer before he can.
Love is a murderer, can’t you see?

Of course, you say. You admit
to how many scenes you’ve fled
once you gag at the taste of him
once his skin sours to your touch,
once his name sounds like gunfire.
The voice on the other end sighs,
then hangs up.

Who was that, your lover asks
and you say: it was our future.

The Ribcage Falls In Love With An Ouroboros For The Wrong Reasons

You admire how it devours, how it vomits
when it can no longer stomach itself.
You’ve done everything you can to kill yourself
but it always flows through you like a sieve.

Why do you do this, you ask the ouroboros
as he slithers through you, his scales
caressing each of your bodies, your neck.
I want to see how far I can go
towards oblivion, the ouroboros says.

You ask: why do you stop?
He says: because I’m afraid.

J. Bradley is the author of The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective (Pelekinesis, 2016) and the Yelp review prose poem collection Pick How You Will Revise A Memory (Robocup Press, 2016). He lives at jbradleywrites.com.